About Us

Asia One Reward a Brand name under PT. Global Tim Revolusi Sinergi incorporated in Indonesia, is the flagship company for Asia Pacific.

Asia One Reward is a system that connects between customers and business owners. Where are all the businesses in the market required customers to increase their business profits. We creates loyal customers in a great community. This is due to these communities are able to increase business revenue available in the market.

Based on the concept of business in the Asia One Reward, smart partnerships and merchant (expenses) can enhance each company's sales because people are able to participate in this program. We estimates the program could attract as many as 10 million people of Indonesia. There are customers in the Company PT. Global Tim Revolusi Sinergi, certainly able to increase sales and profits of companies participating in the program without the need for a high marketing costs.

Through this program, people have the opportunity to generate revenue from daily shopping to meet the cost of living is increasing from time to time. In line with the objectives of the government, PT. Global Tim Revolusi Sinerg brings together the community to be developed and high-income communities to achieve the goals of Vision 2025.